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We are the Gillmores from the great state of Wisconsin! Due to Premature Rupture of Membrane we went into labor at 28 weeks with our 7th child Marleigh, who was born at just over 30 weeks. After a 40 day NICU stay with our beautiful baby girl God led us to found Marleighs Ministry. Prematurity has touched our lives with four of our seven children. Through the love and help of others God has provided for our family during the many days and sleepless nights dealing with the hardships that follow a premature birth experience. May this Ministry bring you that same encouragement, love and hope. You are not alone



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Hey y’all. My name is Lindsay Mancuso, and I’m the proud momma of a micro-preemie, Jack McCoy. Expecting our first baby was such a joyous, care-free time. Our pregnancy was progressing smoothly, until everything changed at 23 weeks pregnant. We were living in College Station, TX at the time and had made a day trip to Austin to visit family for my sister’s birthday when my water broke. We went to the nearest hospital, which transferred us to another hospital with a Level III NICU, one capable of caring for the smallest of babies. After 11 days in antepartum praying that our pregnancy would continue, Jack was born at 24 weeks and 4 days gestation. The following 104 days were spent in the NICU. What started out as such an intimidating, scary place soon became home, where we felt the most love and support. In fact, after Jack’s discharge, we decided to move to Austin for good.
Marleighs Ministry was the first outside resource to not only connect with us but to also offer a care package while Jack was in the NICU. It was the simple gesture from a complete stranger that really showed us we were not alone on this journey and inspired us to pay it forward. I look forward to working alongside Marleighs Ministry and spreading that same love and support to other NICU families.



Hello from Texas! My name is Becky O’Dell and I am the proud mama to two crazy, beautiful kiddos. Our first born, Sweet Camy Girl, made it full term and was born healthy, so we never anticipated any issues with our second child. However, with baby #2, my water broke at the end of my 24th week and Declan was born just 3 days later. His 103 day NICU stay changed our lives in every possible way. We fervently prayed for a miracle everyday and we were so blessed to be surrounded by love and support every step of the way. While in the NICU with our boy, we faced the challenges of balancing time between our older child at home and our micropreemie fighting for his life 45 minutes away. We also faced every major holiday (October to January) with half our hearts in the NICU. We didn’t have to look too far to see our many blessings, though, or to see that there were other families around us that didn’t have the support that we had, that didn’t have the resources we had, the love surrounding them that they so desperately needed. When Jill Gillmore of Marleighs Ministries reached out to me and a dear friend about starting a Texas branch of her charity, we were thrilled at the opportunity to extend some love to families in Texas NICUs. We are grateful and honored for this opportunity to “carry each other’s burdens” and we look forward to seeing what The Jack & Declan Project can accomplish!

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